The global One Health Community is organizing the 8th World One Health Congress in Cape Town

20 September - 23 September 2024

The Congress foresees four days of an outstanding, exceptional and forward-thinking agenda, which includes parallel tracks addressing one health science, antimicrobial agents and resistance, and science policy interface, amongst others.   

It will enable discussing major One Health challenges, as well as sharing research data and policy developments. Above all, it will provide a great opportunity to look at global One Health science and policy through an African lens. Through an open call for abstracts, notable work from distinguished scientists and opinion leaders will be disseminated at the world’s largest forum dedicated to advancing the One Health agenda and community.  

Building on the success of the 7th World One Health Congress in 2022 in Singapore, it will bring together One Health stakeholders, from science researchers, policymakers, representatives of international institutions, civil society to the private sector from around the world.  

Abstract Submission guidelines 

👏 A big thank you for all the abstract submissions #WOHC2024 

💫 More than 1.400 💫 It's going to be a packed agenda with many great speakers presenting their latest work on #OneHealth #science & #policy 

🚨We will announce selected abstracts in May, so stay tuned for updates!

Important dates

  • February 2024
    Registrations open
  • 14 April 2024 23:59 SAST / 23:59 CET
    Submission deadline for Abstracts, LMIC Fund, Early Career Scientists' Fund
  • May 2024
    Notification of acceptance for Abstracts, LMIC Fund, Early Career Scientists' Fund
  • 4 June 2024
    Late breaker abstracts submission opens
  • 1 July 2024
    End of early bird registration
  • 4 August 2024
    Late breaker abstracts submission closes
  • 14 August 2024
    Notification of acceptance for late breakers

Topics of the 8th World One Health Congress

We are delighted to announce that the abstract submission process for the upcoming World One Health Congress is now open. This global event serves as a platform for experts, researchers, and professionals from diverse disciplines to converge and exchange knowledge on critical topics related to One Health. One of the key elements in this process is the submission of abstracts, and to streamline the process and ensure that your research aligns with the goals of the Congress, we have provided a comprehensive list of topics to choose from.

Scientific Program

The abstract driven sessions include: One Health Science (animal, plant and human health, zoonoses, pandemic preparedness and prevention), One Health Food, One Health Climate and Environment, One Health Socio-Economics, Equity and Capacity Building, One Health AMR. Please choose your topic carefully. You may submit under a maximum of 3 topics. The list of topics in our open call for abstracts is as follows:  

  • Risk factors driving zoonotic and spillover infections
  • Emerging infections: discovery platforms and diagnostics
  • Emerging infections: ecology, epidemiology and pathogenesis
  • Innovative technologies for pathogen surveillance and detection
  • Integrated surveillance of infectious diseases in humans and animals
  • New approaches to environmental surveillance
  • Linkages between One Health and Plant health
  • Determinants of inter-species and intra-species transmissibility of infectious agents
  • Vaccines for emerging and zoonotic diseases
  • Therapeutics for emerging and zoonotic diseases
  • Preventive interventions for pandemic preparedness
  • Pandemic preparedness: detection and response
  • One health aspects of biosecurity and biosafety
  • Neglected tropical diseases and vector- borne diseases
  • One Health in non-communicable diseases
  • Food and feed security, nutrition, and One Health
  • Food-borne diseases and animal health controls
  • Climate change and One Health
  • Economics of One Health
  • Education and development of the One Health workforce
  • Equitable distribution of One Health vaccines and treatment including to LMIC’s and underrepresented communities
  • One Health aspects of bacterial zoonoses and AMR
  • AMR: the One Health drivers
  • Big data and digital solutions and genomics for One Health
  • Surveillance for AMR in humans, animals, and the environment
  • New antimicrobials and vaccination as tools in AMR reduction
  • Gender, human behavior and social science in One Health
  • Human behavior and social sciences in One Health
  • Marginalized communities in One Health
  • Alternative approaches to tackling AMR
  • Science-based One Health governance
  • One Health approaches and wildlife management
Science Policy Interface Program

You are also welcome to submit a concept note for the Science Policy Interface track. This track translates science into policy.

  • Governance and leadership, Legal frameworks, Financing One Health
  • Biosecurity and biosafety
  • Feed and food production and safety (incl One Health aspects of livestock and aquaculture)
  • Climate change: drivers and One Health concerns (including adaptation)
  • Civil Society and Community engagement /risk perception, education, and communication
  • Equity in One Health implementations, gender and social groups
  • Biodiversity and loss
  • Equity between sectors and disciplines
  • Other topics for Science Policy Interface sessions

About the organizers


Founded in 2011 in Melbourne (Australia), the World One Health Congresses aim at connecting the dots between One Health science and policy, while promoting a cross-sectoral and collaborative approach to improve the health and well-being of humans, animals and their environments.    

We would like to invite you, together with our host partners the University of Pretoria and Vetlink, to join us and be part of the global One Health Community! Hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre the congress will have an Africa focus and provide the opportunity to discover the beautiful city of Cape Town.

The University of Pretoria (UP) is one of Africa’s top universities and the largest contact university in South Africa. They produce socially impactful research to find solutions for the world’s most pressing issues.

Vetlink is our local congress organizer. Established in 1999, they have more than 20 years’ experience in congress organization in South Africa.

Confirmed speakers

Maria Van Kerkhove
World Health Organization, Switzerland
Edward Holmes
University of Sydney, Australia
Linfa Wang
Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
Dominique Charron
Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, Canada
Chadia Wannous
World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH), France

Partner organizations

Welcome to Cape Town, 
South Africa

Our objectives


Bring together all stakeholders working in the One Health arena to discuss major One Health challenges and give the opportunity to share research data and policy developments.

Connect the dots between One Health science and public health security policy.

Through an open call for abstracts, highlight work from scientists and key opinion leaders in One Health around the world and bring evidence-based research and policy developments to the community.

Provide an opportunity to One Health Fellows to get involved in the Congress and an opportunity to students to present their research and participate in the Congress.