From One Health Platform to global One Health Community

One Health Platform was founded at the third international One Health Congress in Amsterdam in 2015. In 2022, the One Health Platform changed its name and extended its vision to an all-encompassing participation, towards a global One Health Community.

Our objectives

Promote a cross-sectoral and collaborative approach to improve the health and well-being of humans, animals and their environments

Foster scientific research into zoonoses and vector-borne infectious diseases

Create synergies and facilitate the sharing of data between researchers

Disseminate and ‘translate’ novel scientific findings to anyone who might benefit from them

Develop the most appropriate communication tools to convey these novel scientific findings and to communicate widely on One Health issues

Training of young researchers

Stakeholder communication

Advocate for a One Health approach

Facilitate the science and policy interface

Our motivation

Answering persistent and urgent One Health needs

The creation of an integrated approach to combat different types of health threats by facilitating the network of community stakeholders:

(re-)emerging viruses

antiviral and antimicrobial resistance

bacterial and parasitic infections

Shared concern and understanding that as transborder mobility of humans, animals, food, and feed products increases, so does the threat of the spread of dangerous pathogens and infectious diseases

The need to educate and train the next generation of One Health experts

The need for a framework for information sharing, detecting and mending knowledge gaps and cross-sectoral cooperation

Ensure the tradition

The Global One Health Community ensures the tradition of One Health intitiatives and organises the World One Health Congress